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212 Lilac Ln East Peoria IL 61611
House Rules


Thank you for choosing to stay at one of The B.E.S.T. Homes properties! We truly take pride in our work and hope that you have the best stay possible. We hope that your time spent staying with us is enjoyable and unforgettable. We also strive to improve our guest experience, so please let us know anything we are missing or anything that you think would help improve your experience.

When arriving, there are two areas where you can park. Parking is allowed on the asphalt directly outside the house and inside the garage. You may enter the garage door with the same code as the front door. The opener is on the right. When entering the home please enter through the front door located on the front porch. There is a Schlage keyless keypad deadbolt to gain access. Press the “SCHLAGE” button and enter your code and turn the deadbolt to the RIGHT to unlock the door. To secure the deadbolt when leaving just hit the “SCHLAGE” button and turn the deadbolt back to the LEFT. ENJOY YOUR STAY! If you are staying in a bedroom please place the decorative pillows and coverings in the laundry basket located in the respective closet so they do not get dirty or stepped on.


  • PLEASE DO NOT Strip bedsheets. 
  • Leave the used bed unmade.
  • Place all used towels in the main floor bathtub.
  • WE will take out the garbage & replace the liners.
  • Place all dirty dishes in the dishwasher. 
  • Turn OFF all lights inside. 
  • SIGN OUT of any streaming accounts that you signed into with your account. 
  • When leaving please be sure to close the door and hit the “SCHLAGE” button at the top and turn the knob to the LEFT to engage the deadbolt.

There is absolutely NO smoking of any kind inside the home. Please use the deck or other outside areas to smoke. Dispose of your remains of smoking properly.

There is a NO party policy on our properties. We want everyone to have a good time and enjoy their stay. We have a cap of 4 guests at our property. However, you may reach out to us and discuss your situation and get prior approval. ONLY registered guests may stay overnight. If extra guests are not registered or approved by a member of our team, you will be charged an additional $20 per guest per night.

Quiet time is 10 pm CST on weekday nights and 11 pm CST on Friday & Saturday nights. We want to keep short-term rentals in our community. One way of doing that is respecting our neighbors. Please BE COURTEOUS of others!

Our house water system is treated by a top-of-the-line Dynamic Water System. Ensuring you have high-quality water. The home also includes a Reverse Osmosis drinking water system that is hooked to the refrigerator for drinking water and ice making. We have on site washer and dryer. Our washing machine is an HE machine. We use Tide Pod Free & Gentle. 1 Pod is included in stay for every 3 days. Our dryer is GAS. Please be sure to clean your lint after EACH use.

We offer washable and throw-away cups and plate ware. The kitchen is equipped w a garbage disposal. Garbage day is on Wednesday mornings. If you are staying on a Tuesday please make sure trash is taken out to the road in the GREEN garbage bin on wheels located inside the garage. UNDER THE SINK, there is a FIRE EXTINGUISHER designed for grease & electronic fires. A GENERAL LARGER FIRE EXTINGUISHER is located in the OFFICE, directly to your left, going to the basement. The home has (2) 55” Smart TVs. Feel free to use our streaming accounts or login to yours. Just remember to sign out when leaving. There is also an Apple HomePod Mini. Feel free to move anywhere you like and use.

The home is equipped with Ring cameras with motion detection and spotlights. They DO NOT face inside the house. They are there to keep an eye on the exterior and help ensure safety.

We know accidents happen and things break. We ask that our guests have great communication with us and let us know if something happens. Together we can come up with a solution. If a solution cannot be reached and damages exceed the security deposit, the guest will be directly billed and reported to Airbnb.

Do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns. We love text messages and are very prompt to respond. However, we do accept calls as well. We all have lived in the areas our entire life. If you need any suggestions for anything we will be more than HAPPY to assist. ENJOY YOUR STAY!! Follow and like us on Facebook and Instagram. facebook.com/thebesthomesllc & @thebesthomesllc www.thebesthomesllc.com

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